Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

It’s Thursday, so time to enter Teddy and Angel Sammy’s (Two Spoiled Cats) poetry challenge. They post a photo every Thursday to use as inspiration for a poem, which participants post the following Thursday.

Here’s this week’s photo and my poem.


The Last-Minute Man

Oh my gosh, I hate the mall.
Shopping there casts quite a pall
On my jolly Christmas mood.
What could be wrong with this dude?
Has he not heard of Amazon or Etsy
Where shopping is quick and easy?
Of course, some find shopping fun,
Don’t feel as if their under the gun
To find the perfect gift for all on their list.
But it looks as if this fellow hit every store
With no idea of what he was searching for.
Luckily his running around is now complete,
As he didn’t start his quest ‘til Christmas Eve.
He’s just happy he got this chore done,
And he’ll have a gift under the tree for everyone.
Will his recipients be at the mall on the 26th
Returning all those last-minute gifts,
Or feigning happiness with his picks
Then saving them for next year to regift?

Janet Buickerood Blue – 12/19/2019

To participate and/or read Angel Sammy’s poem, which he transmits each week from the Rainbow Bridge, click on the poetry badge above.

Thankful Thursday

Thursday is also the day we reflect on our lives and list for what we are thankful.

I am thankful that Sawyer showed me some unsolicited love. He often sleeps on our bed at night and snuggles with one of us or a fursib, but a couple of nights ago, he climbed up on the bed while I was watching TV. Then he snuggled under my arm, right up against my side and went to sleep. And he let me pet him all I wanted. Usually he only allows that when he’s recovering from a seizure. I was so happy and couldn’t stop smiling. And he did the same thing last night. It has taken two years, but it seems as if Sawyer doesn’t totally dislike us anymore.

Kitties Blue are thankful for all the Christmas cards they have received from our blogging friends, and Mau and Cooper Murphy are thankful for the cards from other Cat Scouts. I am slower than molasses but have almost finished addressing all our snail mail cards. I will post our e-card on Christmas Day.

Kitties Blue and I are grateful for our friends, supporters and readers. Without you, we wouldn’t be here!

Thankful Thursday is a blog hop hosted by Brian. To participate, post on your blog for what you are thankful. Click on the badge below to go to Brian’s blog and enter the link to your post.