Tuxie Tuesday with Misty May

A day without a trip to the vet would be a darn good day for Kitties Blue. Yesterday was not one of those days. Here’s the evidence.

Misty May's vet visit.Several days ago Misty May’s left eye began draining a lot and was closed most of the time. We started putting the terramycin ointment in it from when the eye “icks” were being passed around, but Misty May just took her paw and rubbed it out.

So…yesterday Miss Misty May was whisked off to the vet. Dr. Neel is at the beach, so she saw another of the wonderful doctors at Vinton Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Wiegard stained her eye and discovered a corneal ulcer. This is the second occurrence. Misty May also had one of these in January during the “ick” epidemic. You can read about that here.

These ulcers are more common in dogs, but Dr. Wiegard said she’s seen several cats with them recently. Such an ulcer can be caused in a variety of different ways. The cat may have sustained a blunt force trauma or received a laceration, possibly from the claw of another cat, a thorn or any other sharp object. An ulcer also can form as the result of a chemical burn. We know that’s not the cause of Misty May’s ulcer. I suspect she may have had a dustup with another Kitty Blue, as she is our resident bully.

We were told at the time of the first ulcer that Misty May’s cornea might remain occluded (which it didn’t) after healing, but her vision would not be effected. I don’t know her prognosis this time with this being the second occurrence in the left eye.

Our patient received an injection of antibiotics, is taking oral anti-inflammatory meds and is receiving two different eye drops several times each day. She is not a happy camper, especially as we are making her stay in the house. She will see Dr. Wiegard on Thursday for a re-check.

So that’s our most recent and expensive vet adventure. And though Dr. Neel was not in the office, she found out all about it on Tom’s Facebook page. She cannot escape the Kitties Blue crew even when she’s on vacation.

We know everyone is already purring and praying for Sawyer, but if you can add a few extra for Misty May, we know it would help.

Watch for an update on Friday.