Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

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Poem for Dr. Neel by Fiona


Today I have asked to write the poem for Sammy’s Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. Our prompt letter for the week is “N,” which is why I volunteered. I wanted to write a poem about our vet, Dr. Kathryn Neel from Vinton Veterinary Hospital. She is compassionate and empathetic and a really great doctor. If I have to go to the veterinarian every month, I am HAPPY she’s the one taking care of me.

Ode to Dr. Neel

Today was another trip to see Dr. Neel,
But nobody asked how that made me feel.
Though I always poop on the way in the PTU;
Today, as payback, I peed on Mom too!

I wet her pants & butterfly, rainbow, unicorn cat,
And she was totally not happy about that.
But she loves me so much, she didn’t get mad,
As she knows I didn’t do it to be bad.

First came the weigh-in with my paws crossed
That I’d gained some weight instead of lost.
I feared that I might end up singing the blues,
But I’ve gained five ounces…super great news!

Dr. Neel was as gentle as she always is
When she took me back for my bloodwork quiz.
Some numbers moved in the right direction;
Though, I am far from reaching purrfection.

My BUN came down from 135 to 129.
Even a small improvement is a very good sign.
My phosphorous level was also some better:
Four points down brought us all great pleasure.

I’m not quite as anemic as I was before…
More good news that made my spirits soar.
All my numbers continue to be way too high,
But I feel pretty good and so won’t cry.

It’s important to have a vet who truly cares,
And with your human information shares.
Our vet is AAHA accredited, cat friendly as well.
In fact Vinton Vet & Dr. Neel are totally swell!

If I have to be dragged to these monthly checks,
I’m glad that I have Dr. Kathy Neel as my vet.
I know she’ll always take the best care of me
As she monitors and treats my CKD.


Poem for Dr. Neel by Fiona


I don’t want to sugar coat how I am doing. My numbers suck, and I still refuse to eat the kidney diet. A normal BUN is 10 to 30 mg/dl. So 129 is really lousy. But this is the second month in a row that I have gained weight, and I really do feel good. I’m spoiled rotten, and I take advantage of Mom and Dad as much as possible. If I want something, I whine, and I always get it. Trust me, all of us would rather I wasn’t sick, but I don’t mind having my every whim and wish granted.

My next appointment is in a month. I’ll report back then. Thanks for all your continued purrs and prayers. Mom, Dad and I really appreciate your support.

Purrs, paw-pats and thanks, Fiona