DSC01835Remember this little fellow? The kitties were quite surprised to find this adorable little squeaker in the house a couple of weeks ago. But no more surprised than we were. With eight cats, we normally don’t get too many mousies venturing onto our premises. In fact, we couldn’t figure out the attraction, until Tom found the bag and a half of Purina Cat Chow I had stored in the pantry and forgotten all about. If you missed our mouse posts, click here to read Part 1 and here to read Part 2.


When Lisbeth was having her urinary problems, Dr. Neel prescribed Hill’s CD formula, which we have been feeding ever since. When we switched over, I stowed the Cat Chow in the pantry just to get it out of the way. Though we keep our dry food in sealed containers, this food was in the bags as we weren’t using it.

And so now you know why we had a mouse in the house. The mystery remains as to what happened to him.

The bags have been sealed with my extra special Hello Kitty duct tape and will be delivered tomorrow to Barn Cat Buddies (the TNR/Rescue group for which I volunteer) to either feed fosters or one of the feral colonies. I am quite sure none of those kitties will mind that a couple small holes were chewed into the bags.