Fiona in the Mirror

I hope you’ll forgive me for featuring my sweet and beautiful Fiona again today. Her dad found a camera card with an unbelievable number of forgotten photos. This one was taken in December 2010 when Fiona was nine months old. I imagine her wondering who that kitty was looking back at her. Of course she wasn’t seeing those reflective eyes produced by the flash. That probably would have freaked her out.




Normally I would save this photo for Caturday Art because of her eyes. But I found them so compelling, I had to use the photo in its original form. I am captivated by this photo and cannot stop looking at it.

I am certain some of you are curious about how Fiona’s doing. She continues to fight taking her medications. Giving her the subQ fluids is going slightly better. She usually whines and shakes while her dad tries to comfort her. Occasionally she tries to climb our of her PTU, which can cause the needle to become dislodged. I will not try to “stab” her again when this happens. Most days we manage to administer the full amount of fluid. She’s eating a bit more and not just treats; though, she continues to prefer those. We have more different brands of treats than I can count as it is impossible to predict which ones she will eat on any particular day.

Fiona sees Dr. Neel next week, and she will give you another report then.

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Visiting Friends

I subscribe to most of the blogs I read via e-mail. In the last several days I have not been getting e-mails notifying me of new posts on most of these blog. I have no idea what the problem is. I have a reader in WordPress that has many of your blogs listed. I will start adding URLs for those of you who are not currently listed. I will use that to visit and comment until I can straighten out the problem.