Caturday Art

It seems my tastes have been running to the psychedelic lately. Again this week, I have created some wild and bright art with a napping Mau as the subject. The transformation began with the Sunset effect (with a change of hue) from the Painnt app. I followed that with a marbled ink effect from picMonkey to which I added the hard light filter. Next came the abstract filter at 50% from piZap, and finally the peach colored border was added with Picasa.



Thanksgiving art with Mau


This is Mau’s contribution to Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art bog hop. If you’d like to join in or find art created by others, click on Athena’s badge at the top of this post.

Here is Mau’s photo prior to being “artified.” I’m sorry those marvelous toesies were obscured in the art version.



Thoroughly Poetic Thursday on Caturday


Kitties Blue have finally written a poem to accompany this week’s inspiration photo provided by Teddy and Angel Sammy from Two Spoiled Cats. They feel the need to continue to apologize to our hosts, as they do not consider their poem up to the high standards set by Sammy. Here’s the photo, which you most likely have already seen.



Thanksgiving Lament


On Thanksgiving Day we ate our fill…
Turkey, cranberries and pumpkin pie.
We were so stuffed, we thought we’d die.

When we laid ourselves down in our beds,
Our tummies were heavy and our heads a mess.
Oh how we wished we’d eaten less.

After falling asleep our dreams were crazy.
A funny green man appeared with no explanation.
He was covered in various types of vegetation.

His nose could have housed an entire rodent city.
And his huge, glassy eyes looked really scary.
His presence in our dreams made us quite wary.

We hoped he’d gone when we woke up
And hadn’t decided to come live with us,
Unless he did harbor mice…that would be a plus.

We slunk about stealthily when we arose
In hopes the creature we wouldn’t find
And, thankfully, discovered he was only in our minds.

We pray we’ll never see the green meanie again.
So next Thanksgiving, if we discover a meal so tasty,
We plan to use good sense and be less hasty.

Ah, heck, who are we kidding! Bring on the noms!

© Kitties Blue – 11/23/2018


Sunday Selfies Reminder

It’s time to wake up from your turkey coma and clean those Thanksgiving leftovers from your whiskers. That’s right…another week has flown right on past, and it’s time for you to snap your selfie. We may even have a surprise host tomorrow, but that is yet to be determined. So, you’ll need to drop in to see who is here. We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces.