Catnip Toy Manufacturing

This is a companion post to “Nip Heads” published on August 17.

Friday was catnip-toy-manufacturing day at the House of Blue Cats. Barn Cat Buddies had an adoption event Saturday and needed toys to sell.

I had hoped to keep all the felines outside for the day, so I could work uninterrupted. But the weather wasn’t so great with rain early and then clouds for the remainder of the day.

Tuxedo Cat on bed with bag of catnip

Inspector #7 – Lisbeth

Tuxedo cat sleeping among catnip toys.

Lisbeth crashed among the catnip toys.

So, I had four inspectors on duty: Numbers 4 (Giulietta), 5 (Fiona), 6 (Astrid) and 7 (Lisbeth) for most of the day. Fortunately they used the tag-team method to inspect with no more than two on the job at a time. Lisbeth, did the Lion’s Share of the work until she passed out atop a pile of toys after over-indulging.

Mauricio, Inspector #2, showed up late in the day in time to scarf up the dregs of the catnip. After finishing it, he immediately threw up. SOP for Mauricio.

Round Two

Expecting to finish my project Friday evening, I retrieved my supplies after the kitties had eaten their dinner. My work, however, was cut short when Inspector #1, Lily Olivia, discovered my project. When I wouldn’t let her carry off the toys, she got belligerent and started hissing and growling.


Grey cat with pink ribbons and scissors

Giulietta eyes the ribbons I had cut to secure the plastic bags.

Grey cat with head in catnip container.

Giulietta sits atop a catnip container.


I had to finish up the morning of the event with the help of Giulietta. Though she enjoyed the catnip part of the project, she ultimately was more interested in the ribbons I used to tie around each plastic bag containing a toy.

All toys earned a top rating for quality as evidenced by the cat saliva on the toys and bags as well as some teeth and claw holes in the bags. No toy received less than a four paws up!

Meeting a Dilute Tortie Cat

When I delivered the toys to the adoption event, I met so many beautiful kitties I would have loved to adopt. One in particular, Josette, a dilute tortoiseshell, was giving me the “please-adopt-me look.” I didn’t bring her home but neither did anyone else; though, another lady spent about an hour snuggling with her. I have shared some photos with Tom. He’s in Canada but returns home tomorrow. She may throw off our feng shui, but I am hoping he will let us adopt her. Watch future posts to see what happens.

UPDATE: As you know, that beautiful, dilute tortie joined the household and became Calista Josette (aka Calista Jo or C.J.).

p.s. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos.