I Win the Prize

We have a saying at our house, “A day without throw-up is a day without cats.” And whichever human discovers the mess, gets to proclaim, “I win the prize!”

My precious children didn’t let me down yesterday. I came home to find a rather large mess awaiting me in the kitchen. I hate trying to clean vomit off rugs, but I hate it more when I am forced to scrub it off after it has baked solid onto the heated kitchen floor. The floor is stone and NOT smooth. I was gone for seven hours yesterday, so when I found my prize, it had adhered to the floor like super glue.

As it was predicted to rain—of course, no rain came as we are down 7.5 inches for the year and need it desperately—I made all the kitties remain in for the day. They were ticked off, but as I knew I wouldn’t be forced to listen to their complaints, I callously turned my back and left the house.

Up-Chuck Event

Tuxie Cat with an innocent look on his face.

Mauricio’s “Who me?” look.


Anyway, as all furballs were in the house and any of them could have produced the mess, they were keeping quiet as to the identity of the perpetrator. Normally I would suspect Mauricio. He inhales his food and is the first to be implicated in any puke fest. Lisbeth also enjoys a fast feast and runs a close second to Mauricio in the up-chuck event. I had to rule out both of them as no undigested food was included. I also had to rule out Giulietta as no huge wads of long gray fur were stuck in the mess. That left Lily Olivia, Misty May, Fiona, Astird or Calista Josette.

Lily likes to leave her presents in really inappropriate places such as the stove top, bed or any piece of upholstered furniture, so I am probably going to let her off the hook this time.

As I said, they’re not talking. I am a little surprised that no one wants to rat out the culprit. After all, the goal of each and every feline is to be the only cat in good graces with the homeowners so as to garner all the loving attention.

Likely Suspects

If today’s behavior is any indication of who is to blame, I would have to suspect Lisbeth, Fiona or Calista Jo. These three have been all over me this morning gifting me with lots of purrs and affection, which I suspect is a ploy to distract me from ferreting out the offender. I have already eliminated Lisbeth so now I need to figure out which of the following two is to blame: Calista or Fiona. Though, it doesn’t really matter. I love them all, and I wouldn’t trade the throw-up, litter boxes, cat fur, bed hogging, “meyowling” or pesting for a home without cats.

P.S. Mauricio just relieved himself of his Friskies Ocean Whitefish and Tuna Dinner on the kitchen floor at the base of my stool. I was present for the event so got it cleaned up before it became one with the floor but not prior to Astrid and Calista starting to lap it up! Yuck!