Kizmet Then & Now

It doesn’t seem possible to me that Kizmet has been with us three years now. She is officially our COVID cat and has brought us so much joy.

This is the first photo I saw of Kizmet (known as Janet at the time) on Petfinder. I could tell immediately when I saw her face that she was full of purrsonality and needed to become one of the Kitties Blue. And I was right!


Gotcha Day Kizmet: grey kitten staring at the camera while being held.


And this is Kizmet’s most recent photo, taken yesterday by my friend, Mary Jane. She absolutely loves people.


Gotcha Day Kizmet: profile portrait of a grey cat


Mary Jane was here for lunch, and Kizmet barely left her alone for a moment.

Card & Cake

I made a card for Kizmet and Cooper Murphy made her a cake. Mau taught him well!


 Gotcha Day Kizmet: Chorus line of cartoon cats singing and wearing tutus and cakes on their heads.


Gotcha Day Kizmet: Cake with a grey cat face with a lavender bow and bad around the bottom of the cake.

Celebration Time

We have lots of food and beverages, so please help yourself and stay as long as you like.









Happy Tuesday

Kizmet will be popping out for a few minutes to join the Happy Tuesday blog hop at Comedy Plus. If you would like to do the same, click on the badge below.

The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky

If you have not yet stopped by Friends Furever to check out what Periwinkle planned for today’s adventure, the two tabbies sure hope you do. They always have fun and enjoy sharing their antics with you. Click on the link to head on over to Periwinkle’s blog to see what they are up to.

Thanks for joining Kizmet’s celebration. We’ll see you again tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday and a “Looking Back” post.