Thursday has now become poem day for us so we can pawticipate in our friend Sammy’s (onespoliedcat) Thoroughly Poetic Thursday. The suggested featured letter for this week’s poem is H. So many pawsitive words begin with H, which make this a challenge one that Here’s our poem for the week

Happy Hearts at Home


H is the letter for this week’s poem,
And there’s no better H word than Home.
Home is where the Heart is, and we like that,
As Heart is just another word for cat!
We could use Healthy or Happy as well,
Because both those words are pretty swell.
Some H words are a definite “miss,”
Like Hungry, Hot, Hairball and Hiss.
Hope and Hand are also pretty great,
While we don’t like the H word Hate.
Hibernation is a good H word when winter comes along
Especially as it means the groundHogs will be gone.
But as we come to the end of this poem,
Kitties Blue are always Happy Hearts at Home.

A Wordless Wednesday Update

It would seem as if Lisbeth did a bit more than browsing the catnip plant yesterday. We saw her later in the day lounging on the catio cat tower, and this is what she looked like.


A happy niphead Lisbeth.


As our post title yesterday indicated, this is a new nip plant. In fact it is one of two new nip plants. The ones Mom planted earlier in the summer did not survive. They were thriving one day, and the next they were D-E-A-D! Mom’s a bit afraid for the future of these as they were so root bound she couldn’t even break them apart with a shovel. She intends to watch them closely and if they start to show any signs of failing, she will immediately harvest all that nommy nip. (If you missed yesterday’s nippy post, click on the link below.)

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo