Sunday Selfies: Week #302

Back in March a photo session with Cooper Murphy and the peacock feather netted about 15 photos. He has shared a few of the others. When none of the Kitties Blue, including him, volunteered to do a selfie for today, Cooper offered another feather photo for your viewing pleasure.


Sunday Selfies


I’ve got to admit, Cooper is a pretty cute guy.

Hop Time

Cooper invites you to join him on the Sunday Selfies blog hop. You don’t need to post today to participate. The hop remains open through Thursday. So put on your best smile, snap that selfie and share it here with your throngs of admirers. Remember, you do not need to be a feline to take part. All anipals are welcome regardless of species.

Kitties Blue and I are grateful for all our regular hoppers and those who may be new to doing Sunday Selfies. Thank you.