If someone had challenged me two years ago to write 400 posts about my cats, I would have told them to get a grip on reality as that would never happen. I had planned to write only two or three posts per week. But the more I wrote and posted, the more Kitties Blue and I seemed to have to say. And so, here I am one day short of our second blogoversary publishing that 400th post. And Fiona gets the honor of representing Kitties Blue with her Sunday Selfie.

Fiona's Sunday Selfie

Even though Fiona didn’t realize she should look at the camera when taking her own photo and not focusing it very well, I am in love with it and her. The expression on Fiona’s face makes me want to plant kisses all over it. I think she looks as if she is ready to start talking at any moment.

I suspect I should be making a much bigger deal of this post, but I will save the hoopla for our blogoversary tomorrow. Kitties Blue and I hope you will all join us then. We have a special award for all our followers plus a giveaway.