Sunday Selfies: Week #368


curly whiskers


So…you all know how I have a heart-shaped freckle in my right eye, which is only partly visible here. But did you know I have another distinguishing feature? It’s my curly whiskers. Have you ever known another cat with curly whiskers?

Mom was curious about this and did a little research. One reason can be stress that causes a cat to continually rub its face against hard surfaces. I’ve always dealt with some stress, but I don’t rub my face on things. Mom also discovered my curls could be related to age. I did turn 11 this year, so I’m a senior cat.

Mom thinks my whiskers curl, however, due to me spending lots of time curled in a ball napping in one of the small cat tree cubbies.

I don’t know or care the reason. I’m just happy they make me unique among the other Kitties Blue.

Time to Hop

My participation in Sunday Selfies is a rarity, as I mostly keep to myself since losing my sisfur, Fiona.  That means I often do not see your selfies. I would really like it today if you would join me here by sharing your selfie. And you don’t even need to post today to do it. Our hop is open through Thursday. Please pop on by and say “hi.” You know all of us Kitties Blue appreciate your participation.

Purrs and paw-pats, Giulietta