Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #44


This is a fun blog hop hosted each Friday by friends, Ellen from 15 And Meowing, and Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Ellen selected the first two statements to fill in and Annie selected the second two. You can join the hop on Annie’s blog.

My statement completions are in teal italics.

1. I hope “Designated Survivor” and “The Big Bang Theory” get renewed for another season.


2. My first crush was on my next door neighbor, Bobby Fields. I was five years old. My first celebrity crush was Richard Chamberlain, TV’s Dr. Kildaire (1961-66).


Me and Bobby – August 3, 1954

3. Eating too much wheat usually makes me grumpy and sleepy (no, not two of the dwarves). It’s called Tension/Fatigue Syndrome.


4. If I were a super-hero, I would be Cat Lady Blue and save any cat in danger of being abused or abandoned.
Super Heroes

See y’all tomorrow for Caturday Art.