Caturday Art


Caturday Art


I think this is one of the most interesting pieces of art I have created for Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. The subjects are Cooper Murphy (in the bag) and Astrid, awaiting her turn inside. You may recognize the photo. I believe I’ve used this one or one from the same photo session on the blog previously.

Anyhoo, this was simple to create. I used the Painnt application with the Perla filter and hard light effect. The flowers and tendrils in the corners are from piZap, with borders created in Picasa. I cannot decide if I think this looks as if it was created using pebbles or colored wads of cotton. What do you think?

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Sunday Selfies

It’s time to start thinking about taking a selfie for tomorrow’s blog hop hosted right here at The Cat on My Head. No volunteers have come forward at Kitties Blue abode, so I’m going to see who hasn’t done a selfie in a while. With some luck and treats maybe I can coerce, what I am certain will be, the lucky but unwilling cat.

Until tomorrow…toodles.