Featured Cat Scout

Cat Scouts has been undergoing some major changes during the last several weeks. The site is updated and improved with the addition of many new features.

Mau, as you know, has been a Cat Scout since the group’s inception. Cooper Murphy joined with his pal, Teddy (Two Spoiled Cats) almost a year ago. He’s been working hard on earning badges and participating in events.

A new way to recognize Scouts is by featuring one on the front page of the site. Scouts get to ask for this recognition and then are selected by Denmaster. Cooper Murphy decided to ask to be a Featured Scout and was selected.

What Cooper Murphy Said About Himself

I joined Cat Scours because my big brother (as in older…I am much larger than he is), Mau, has been having fun in Cat Scouts since the beginning. The reason I keep coming to Scouts is because I want to be the best cat I can be, have fun and learn lots of new things.

I am a Tenderpaw First Class along with my CSU dorm roommates and best pals, Teddy and Chip. We refer to ourselves as the Three Gingersnaps. The hardest thing I have done at Cat Scouts was to make my Garrison cap, but that goes along with one of my two best times and fondest memories. Summer Camp was the most fun ever with so many things to do and learn. I participated in every activity!

The other bestest thing for me was the Cardwood Derby. Mau and I competed together with our Hooligan Paddy Wagon, and we even won a runner-up trophy! Mau and I both like completing the Service project every month and for special occasions. My goal is to someday be Cat Scout of the Year like Mau was. He’s also teaching me to bake!

The Denmaster made a terrific artistic rendering of our ginger boy.

Cat Scouts


Cat ScoutsThough Scouts request to be featured, I am nonetheless proud of my youngest Scout.

Join Cat Scouts

If you are not a Cat Scout, both Mau and Cooper Murphy recommend you give it a try. It is a co-ed organization, so it is open to all cats. And their is no fee to join. The new site is terrific, and there are always lots of activities in which to purrticipate. Most of all, it is the place to make life-long friends.

On Sunday The Worldwide Wildcats troop had a Super Bowl party as they do every year. That is Mau and Cooper Murphy’s troop, and they attended. Being a great Scout, Cooper wanted to make certain he did not infect any of his fellow Scouts and took appropriate “purrcautions.”

Cooper’s Health Update

Cooper is the only Kitties Blue continuing to receive treatment for the eye “icks!” His eyes are still somewhat squinty, and I heard him sneezing yesterday. I pray that he is 100 percent well when he finishes his medications. The good news is that we have no new cases to report. And Misty May’s eye ulcer has completely healed.

Sadie Needs a Home

Sadie is a beautiful, long-haired, ginger cat in Greenville, SC, who is in danger of being euthanized. She is a special needs cat, as she is blind. She desperately needs a home or rescue that can take her. To read more about her, please visit Brian’s Home. And then please share about her on social media.