How Snowball Stole Christmas

Disclaimer: I received an advanced reader’s edition of
How Snowball Stole Christmas by Kristin McKanagh free of
charge to me in exchange for my fair and honest review
of the book. The opinions shared are mine alone.

Cover of the book, How Snowball Stole Christmas, featuring a white cat in a Santa hat with a gold gift box.If you are a fan of cats, especially mischievous ones, Christmas, love stories and Hallmark movies, you will love this book. How Snowball Stole Christmas is the third book in the series about Snowball, who is a matchmaker at heart.

When Snowball sets out to match Peter, a veteran with a chip on his shoulder, and Lara, a new neighbor and first-time toy store owner, chaos ensues. The theft of a Santa hat and impromptu Santa assignment at Lara’s shop for Peter, a glitter “bomb,” wet paint and a super glue fiasco involving Peter and Snowball, are maneuvers by Snowball aimed at bringing Lara and Peter together.

Despite Snowball’s shenanigans, Peter’s resentfulness of Lara outbidding him for the shop’s space and his sharing his opinions on the town’s on-line forum under the pseudonym, Right Rudolph, a love match seems improbable.

But, as the story progresses, the two begin a friendship, especially after Lara’s brother and sister-in-law foist their six-year-old son on Lara just as her shop is in the midst of it’s first holiday shopping season. Peter and the boy are drawn to each other, and Peter helps care for and entertain the boy. This in turn brings Peter and Lara closer together.

When Lara discovers that Peter is Right Rudolph, just prior to him confessing to her, it would seem that any opportunity for their newly evolving romantic relationship is dead. But is it?

You’ll just have to read this charming book to find out, which I highly recommend. It’s a heart-warming story purrfect for the holidays. And if you’re searching for a gift for your cat-loving friends, you cannot go wrong with How Snowball Stole Christmas.

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