Thoroughly Poetic Thursday on Friday

As we promised yesterday, when we preempted our Thursday post for Tyebe’s Gotcha Day Party, we are posting our poem today for Teddy and Angel Sammy’s poetry challenge.

Here’s the inspiration photo followed by my poem.



Too Much of a Good Thing


Me oh my…so much pie!
What have I done
Eating every last one?
I was promised a prize,
But it was just a big ole lie.
I knew I had a big appetite
And thought I might win a new bike.
This paper crown ain’t nothin’,
But this pain in my gut is somethin’.
I guess I learned a valuable lesson…
With this much pie I won’t be messin’,
Unless I have a written guarantee
That the prize is nothing less than a pony.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 05/07/2020

If you’d like to play along and write a poem for next week, check out the Thursday post at Two Spoiled Cats by clicking on the above badge. You will find next week’s inspiration photo, as well as Angel Sammy’s poem based on this week’s photo. He is an accomplished poet, and everything he writes is worth your time to read it.

Thankful Thursday on Friday

We are a day late as well for this important blog hop hosted by Brian. It is important to count or blessing each week regardless of the day on which we post.

Cooper has the first thankful this week. Tyebe (The Canadian Cats) said, “yes,” and she is now officially his girlfriend. He’s never been happier. He’d also like to thank those who came to Tyebe’s Gotcha Day Party on our blog.

Dad Tom and I are thankful that the CBD oil I ordered for Sawyer arrived yesterday. I will be getting him started on it today. He had seizures on both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, so I am praying the addition of the CBD to his other medications will help to limit the frequency and number of his seizures. Of course, I will keep everyone posted on how this goes.

Finally, we remain grateful to be virus free as, to the best of our knowledge, do our family and friends.

Friendly Fill-Ins

Friday is Fill-Ins blog hop day, but we will be combining those with our Caturday Art post. By Sunday we should be back on track with our Sunday Selfies blog hop.