Sunday Selfies: Week #329




I was snuggling on Mom’s lap when I snapped my selfie for today. Unfortunately, the sun was in my eyes, so I squinted. I think I look a bit like an owl. Isn’t that a hoot!

Mom ‘s pretty happy with me, as I haven’t been as reclusive lately. I actually have shown up in the bedroom a few times and can be found on the catio regularly. (Of course, I almost always show up for treats.) Later this week, I’ll share some photos from a few days ago when I checked out the last of this year’s catnip.

So, that’s all I’ve got. I am mostly a cat of few words and loud purrs.

Hopping Time

Are you all ready to hop and share your selfies with us and your many friends and admirers? I certainly hope so. If your like Kitties Blue, you’ll want to have oodles of time today to help your humans with the holiday decorations.

Don’t forget that you can participate through Thursday. That’s when the hop closes. And you don’t even need to post today to join.

See you soon!

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid (with kisses for my husband Sampy