Not only are my eight turkeys normally not thankful for anything on this earth—they are cats after all—but they also are pretty ticked off that I am not preparing the Martha Stewart turkey roasted with a white wine and butter soaked cheese cloth covering it and basted in super goopy, maple syrup. Heck, I’m disappointed in myself for not making this fowl of deliciousness!

But I put Tom on a plane yesterday for Argentina so he can teach an International Volleyball Referee Course, and the closest I plan to get to a turkey is Michael Angelo’s frozen Chicken Parmesan. I will miss the roasting turkey and baking pumpkin pie smells. I think I have a pumpkin aroma candle somewhere. That should do the trick!

While I am waiting for the current temperature of 32 degrees to get a little closer to the predicted 64 degrees so I can head outside for a day of gardening, I am watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And what should be at the start of the parade? The Hello Kitty balloon. What an auspicious start!

Calista did seem pretty happy sharing my blueberry yogurt this morning! To show her appreciation, she sat in my lap purring and kneading. How blessed I am to have such a sweet, little furball to snuggle up to me before taking off to play with one of her favorite toys: the torn-off edge of my granola bar wrapper.

The Thanksgiving Day 2012 “Roanoke Times” Virginia newspaper.

And now for the news I promised you, the weight of today’s newspaper: 4.4 pounds. It fell short of the promised 5 pounds. However, the number of pages of ad inserts far surpassed the prediction. They number a whopping 700. If I planned to shop, I think Black Friday would be well past by the time I poured over all that newsprint. So…off I go to the recycling bin and then the garden.

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!