Thankful Thursday

Cinco de Meow last Friday was the date of our annual Roundup. That’s when our beloved vet, Dr. Kathie Neel, comes to the house to give exams, weigh-ins, vaccinations and nail trims. The vet tech who joined her this year was Cheyenne.

Here are a couple of photo collages from the annual affair.


Collage with four photos of cats being examined by vet and vet tech.


Collage with four photos of cats being examined by vet and vet tech.


As with last year, Cooper Murphy was the worst behaved followed by Kizmet. It’s no fun trying to wrestle with an almost 20-pound cat. Even Misty May at four pounds was a bit of a challenge, but we couldn’t blame her. She and Sawyer had blood drawn as well.

Roundup Results

Everyone received an almost clean bill of health. We are going to try Misty May on medication again for her hyperthyroidism in the hope she’ll gain a little weight. She’ll be getting a much lower dose than previously to keep her kidneys functioning.

Sawyer’s phenobarbital levels are in the therapeutic range but at the very top of that range, so even if his seizures worsen, we cannot up his dosage.

I am extremely thankful that Cooper Murphy has maintained his weight at 19 pounds 12 ounces.

Cheyenne was quite taken with Raleigh, but when I offered him to her she declined the gift.

Dad Tom and I are thankful to have this ordeal completed for another year as are the Kitties Blue. And we are extremely grateful that Dr. Neel, who is officially retired, continues to take care of our brood.

Robins Leave Home

The three baby robins, Periwinkle and Stinky reported on during their Tuesday adventure, have all successfully left the nest. It took one of them two days longer than the others, but Dad Tom and I watched him take his maiden flight yesterday morning. When the babies’ mom came back to the nest a short time later she found it empty. We are thankful none of the wildlife predators that patrol our yard discovered the nest.

Final Thankful

Kitties Blue and I are always thankful for those of you who follow us, read our posts and have befriend us. The pet blogging community is the best!

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