Seuss Landing Adventure

Periwinkle was super excited that Stinky was returning to Florida for their next adventure, as she really didn’t want to go some place cold.

When Stinky emerged with that familiar wooosh from his teleportation tunnel, Periwinkle was ready with a huge paw hug and whisker kisses. Before Stinky could even catch his breath, she grabbed his paw, and they jumped back into the tunnel. She didn’t know where Stinky was taking her, but she couldn’t wait to start their adventure.

Moments later they arrived at their destination…Seuss Landing at Universal Orlando. Stinky selected this for their adventure to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, which was the previous day.



Periwinkle was delighted to see where they would be spending the day.

The first thing the tabbies did was find a shop to buy some headwear to get them in the mood…a Cat in the Hat hat for Stinky and the Lorax for Periwinkle.



“Wow, Periwinkle, you look pawsome,” said Stinky. “But then you always do,” he added.

Periwinkle just giggled when she looked at Stinky. Holding paws they scampered out of the store ready for the day’s adventure!

“Periwinkle, Seuss Landing has four rides and an interactive play area. Where do you want to start?”

Periwinkle pointed straight ahead and said, “Let’s ride the fishy one. Maybe they’ll serve us tuna.”

Stinky took her paw and chuckled at the thought of getting fed tuna on the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish ride.



“That was super fun, Periwinkle, but I am a little dizzy. I had a seizure yesterday afternoon, and I don’t want another today. Let’s get a snack and rest a bit.”



“Let’s eat here, Stinky. They have fried chick-hen.”

“Sounds good to me, Periwinkle,” replied Stinky.

“That was really yummy, Stinky. I think you have a little chicky on your whiskers. Let me clean those for you,” said Periwinkle.

“Thanks, Periwinkle. Let’s check out the If I Ran the Zoo interactive play area.”



“That was fun meeting those characters, Stinky. What’s next?”

“Let’s ride The Caro-Seuss-el merry-go-round. The guidebook says the creatures can turn their heads, blink, and wiggle their ears!” Sawyer giggled as he answered thinking about how funny that would look.



“Wheee…Stinky this is so much fun. I hope you don’t get dizzy again.”

“I’m good. Want to go around again?” asked Stinky.

“Yes please,” replied Periwinkle.

After the ride the tabbies visited The Once-ler’s house from the Lorax book and had another memory photo taken.



“Periwinkle, I think we have time for one more ride before I need to get you home. Let’s ride the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train so we can see all of Seuss Landing,” suggested Stinky as he took Periwinkle’s paw.



“Stinky, I love seeing everything from up here. It is all so colorful,” said Periwinkle as they rode 20 feet above the park on the trolley. Of course, they held paws the entire time.

When the ride was finished, the two tabbies got catnip ice cream cones.



After they finished their cones, Stinky asked Periwinkle if she was ready to head home. Periwinkle said, “no,” but took Stinky’s paw and led him back to their tunnel.

It was a quick trip back to Periwinkle’s house. Stinky took a few minutes to say,”hi,” to Periwinkle’s mom and fursibs. He then gave Periwinkle several whisker kisses and a hug and wiped a tear from her eye. Entering his tunnel, Stinky waved good-bye and wiped a tear from his eye.

The End

Periwinkle and Stinky thank you for joining them on their adventures and want to remind you that you will be able to find them at Friends Furever next Tuesday where they will share their next adventure.