A Movie & Dinner

As usual, Stinky was waiting for Periwinkle by the tunnel when she arrived from Florida in a whoosh of warm air.

They ran together and hugged each other and shared whisker kisses.

When she caught her breath, Periwinkle asked Stinky what the plans were for the day.

He replied, “I am not exactly sure. My mom and dad are taking us somewhere with them.”

“Mmm,” said Periwinkle, “that sounds intriguing.”

Stinky said, “Don’t get your hopes up for anything exciting. Remember, they are old!”

Both tabbies were still giggling when Stinky’s mom told them it was time to leave, and they all piled into the car.

In barely a blink of the eye, they seemed to arrive at their destination. Stinky’s dad herded them out of the car. After walking about a block, they arrived at a place called The Grandin Theatre and found out they were going to the movies.

Periwinkle started clapping and said, “Hey, I’ve never been to the movies. I have only seen some at home on the TV, and I usually fall asleep.”

“Me too,” replied Stinky in a not very enthusiastic tone.

While waiting for Stinky’s parents to buy tickets, Periwinkle noticed a whole bunch of stars in the pavement in front of the theatre, including one with Stinky’s parents’ names.  She asked Stinky about them, but Stinky had no idea and shrugged his shoulders.



Stinky’s mom explained to both tabbies that she and Stinky’s dad were patrons of the theatre and were given the star in recognition for helping the theatre when it was remodeled and reopened.

As they waited in the lobby, Stinky’s mom explained and apologized that no animated features were playing, and they were going to see something entitled, 1917. Of course, that meant nothing to the two tabbies.



As they took their seats and the lights went out, the tabbies joined paws at sat back for what they expected would be a nice nap. They hadn’t been asleep for very long when suddenly there were lots of loud explosions, and they both woke up and put their paws over their ears.

When Stinky’s mom saw that, she gave them some money for popcorn and soda and said they could stay in the upstairs art gallery and visit with each other until the movie was over.

The tabbies took no time in taking the cash and heading to the lobby. Stinky had Periwinkle get on his shoulders so she could place their order and hand down the popcorn and soda.



After getting their popcorn with extra butter, of course, they headed back upstairs to the gallery where they held paws and talked non-stop until the movie was over.



When Stinky’s parents rejoined them, they all left the theatre and went right next door for an early dinner. This was much more to the tabbies liking.

“Oh boy,” exclaimed Stinky, when he saw they were going to a pizza restaurant.



When the waitress came, Stinky and Periwinkle ordered a pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni to share. They only were marginally disappointed that Fancy Feast pizzas were not on the menu.

After everyone’s bellies were full, they all headed home to Stinky’s house where the tabbies played with Stinky’s fursibs before Periwinkle had to head back home.

They both agreed that it was not their most exciting adventure but that getting to spend the day together was the important thing.

When it was time for Periwinkle to leave, she thanked Stinky’s parents for the movie and dinner, and Stinky’s dad gave her a souvenir photo he had previously taken of the theatre.



Periwinkle gave Stinky big hugs and whisker kisses, which he exuberantly returned. Then she was off with a wave and a whoosh and a tear in her eye, as she anticipated Stinky’s and her next adventure.

Missing Periwinkle, Stinky moped around the house until bed time when he curled up between his mom and dad to sleep and dream of his precious Periwinkle.

The End