Limerick Day

Stinky sits by the teleportation tunnel, fidgeting with impatience. As always, he is exited that he’ll be spending the day with Periwinkle.

He’s not sure how she’ll feel about his plans for an “adventure,” but with events cancelled and attractions closed due to the pandemic, it is becoming more and more difficult to find things to do.

While he is pondering this, Periwinkle comes tumbling out of the tunnel. She sticks her landing, throws her paws in the air, and meows, “Ta da!” Stinky is still laughing when she grabs him in a big hug.

“So what’s the plan for today, Stinky?” Periwinkle asks.

Stinky replies, “I hope you don’t mind, but we are staying home again today. With everything still closed here and the fact that I had a seizure last night, my mom thinks we should stay here.”

“Oh, Stinky, I am so sorry you had one of those nasty seizures, but I never mind staying at home, as long as I’m with you,” Periwinkle tells him. She continues, “So, what are we going to do?”

Stinky explains to Periwinkle they are going to write limericks.

“What are limericks?” Periwinkle asks.

They’re a type of poem. I have the instructions on how to write one, says Stinky.



“My mom writes poems, but I have never tried writing one. You go first while I review these rules,” replies Periwinkle.

“Okay Periwinkle, here are the instructions. You can go over them while I write my first limerick.

There once was a cat named Mau,
who was super fond of his chow.
His chops he wasn’t licken’
when his bowl had chicken,
‘cause the only food he liked was cow.



“Stinky, that is so hysterical.” As she continues to laugh, Periwinkle says, “Okay, I see how it is done. My turn now.”

Allie was a cat of great beauty.
Looking nice she saw as a duty,
but one day she fell in the mud
after going outside in a flood.
Now she has a dirty patootie.

“Oh, Periwinkle, I hope Allie doesn’t get mad when she sees that.”

“She’s got a good sense of humor. I’m sure she’ll laugh.”

After that, Periwinkle and Stinky continue to take turns writing and reciting limericks.


Astrid once took a ride on a boat
that had holes and wouldn’t float.
When her paws touched water
she meowed, “Oh bother,”
and arrived home with a sore throat.


Noelle loves to sleep on the bed.
On a pillow she rests her head
until Raz takes a pounce,
gives her a giant bounce,
And she yells, “Raz, you’re a huge blockhead.”


Cooper was a prince of a cat.
He wore a crown instead of a hat.
When it became dented,
He stamped his paws and vented,
“This crown’s not fit for a dead rat.”


There once was a man cat named Raz,
who thought he was filled with pizazz.
Then he tried a minuet
with the cat Lisbeth
and realized he’s a great big spaz.



When the tabbies stop giggling, Periwinkle says, “So that was fun, Stinky. Can we get some lunch?”

“Sure, let’s get my mom to make us some Fancy Feast and Temptations. After that I have a friend for you to meet.”

“Cool, is it another groundhog?”

“Nope, you’ll just need to wait and see!”

The tabbies enjoy their lunch on the catio while visiting with the other Kitties Blue. Then Stinky takes Periwinkle’s paw and leads her to the backyard.



“Oh Stinky, what a cute bunny. Does he live with you?” asks Periwinkle.

“No, he just stops by our yard occasionally, but he really wanted to meet you.”

“Hi, Mr. Bunny, nice to meet you,” says Periwinkle.

After a short visit, it is time for Periwinkle to head home. The tabbies hug for a long time and share several whisker kisses before Periwinkle enters her tunnel and is gone.

Stinky sulks for a while then decides to take a nap, so he can dream of the beautiful and sweet Periwinkle.

The End