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Smiling Paws Pets Review

Do you have over-eager poop and pee coverers? Are your floors covered in litter? That has always been the case in our house. I use extra-large litter boxes and conventional litter mats and have been unsuccessful in preventing crunchy floors. Yes, we could use covered litter boxes, but they are too small for big boys like Cooper Murphy and provide ambush zones for timid cats like Astrid.

When given the opportunity to test the Smiling Paws Pets Jumbo litter mat, I was ready. The mat is 47 x 33 inches. You can see just how large it is in the photo below.



It does come in a smaller size as well: The Extra Large mat is 35″ X 23.5″.  The Jumbo comes in a grey, brown and black in addition to the beige color, which is what we have. The grey would obviously camouflage the grains of litter if you use clay litter as we do.

Not only is the mat large enough that litter thrown from the box is trapped so is the litter that Kitties Blue carry out of the box on their feet. Most mats are so small, that they can just jump right over it taking all the litter with them and onto the floor. (If you enlarge our photo, you can see small grains of litter trapped in the mat.)


  • Collects 82% more litter
  • Extra thick to prevent tears and rips from cats claws
  • Effortless Cleaning – Just pick up mat and shake litter back into box or trash. May also be vacuumed.
  • Urine and liquid proof
  • Extra large size
  • Skid-free bottom
  • BPA free
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty

I had two concerns when the mat arrived. I wasn’t sure the cats would step on it, and I thought it might be too thick to pass under a door. Both were needless concerns on my part. The mat looks lumpy in the photo above, but that is simply due to my laziness. It is shipped folded and rolled and so does not lie flat. This can be remedied easily with the use of a hair drier on the fold lines. (I had hoped our heated floor would flatten our mat, but that hasn’t happened.)

Paws-Up  Recommendation

We have at least three other brands of litter mats in the house, and none perform like the Smiling Paws Pets mat. They are too small and the various surfaces do not trap the litter. I eventually will replace all of these other mats with the Jumbo-size Smiling Paws Pets mat.

You can purchase this exceptional litter-trapper mat directly from The Extra Large Mat is $24.95. The Jumbo, which we have, is $29.95. They also are available from Amazon.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received one Jumbo Smiling Paws Pets litter mat free of charge for our fair and honest review. All opinions expressed here are mine alone.

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