We are so happy to have the Universal Bill of Rights for All Cats, especially the parts pertaining to horking. Our Mom absolutely took it in stride when she came upstairs last night, sat down on the bed and put her hand in a pile of horked up stinky goodness from dinner. She was a bit grossed out, but she just cleaned it up. We do have a saying at our house: “A day without throw-up is a day without cats.” You got that right, humans!

So after the cleanup, Mom came back to the bedroom, sat down on the bed and leaned back.      S – U – R – P – R – I – S – E! She leaned right into a large stream of puke running down the pillow sham. She probably would have handled that with alacrity as well, but… Did you guess there was more? Yep, you betcha!

While leaning back into puke, she sat right down into some at the very same time. This deposit was made of what had been dry foodables and a big ole hairball the size of a cigar. The extreme amount of fur would suggest Giulietta had been the perpetrator, but Mom knows she wasn’t anywhere near the bedroom or bed.

Is Lisbeth responsible for the horking incident?And y’all know we ain’t talking. That’s the rule around here. We don’t “rat” on each other. We will say that Mom suspects Lisbeth. She is a prolific shedder of furs and exuberant bather. What do y’all think, innocent or quilty? She sure looks innocent (or is it ashamed) in this photo, but we’ve come to know that it’s the innocent-looking ones you have to keep your eye on.

Lisbeth’s been curled up asleep on her purple Christmas blanket from boyfriend Charles ever since Mom came upstairs. Just what one might expect from a kitty who just used so much energy relieving herself of all that fur and food. But as we said, if any of us does know the perpetrator, our lips are zipped.

If you missed our post with the Universal Bill of Rights for All Cats, you can click on it’s tab at the top of the page or the link in the first paragraph. You’ll be able to read about horking rights there.

That’s all folks! At least Mom hopes that’s all for tonight.

Misty May will be here tomorrow to share some Caturday Art with you.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth (innocent until proven guilty) and Calista Jo