The humans are in Arizona whooping it up at the BlogPaws Conference, and so we are letting Lily take over the blog today. Well…that’s not exactly how it went. Lily demanded as the eldest that she be given first crack at writing a poem for Sammy’s (onespoiledcat) new weekly feature, Thoroughly Poetic Thursday.

As Lily believes she’s “all that” plus a bag of nip, she thinks her composition is amazing. We think it’s barely good enough to keep her from getting a tazing. But we are keeping our traps shut and suggest you do the same. If you think her poem stinks, it’s best not to tell her. She has a well-documented bad attitude and a rather short fuse. If you cross her, she may try to claw your eyes out. MOUSES!

As Sammy started this new feature last week with the letter “A” and plans to work his way through the alphabet, today’s poem has a “B” word theme.

So without further preamble, here is Lily Olivia’s poem followed by her photo.

BlogPaws Abandonment


The humans have left us.
To BlogPaws they’ve traveled.
My attempt to stow-away
was spotted and unraveled.
Mom claims I wouldn’t like it…
too much competition for attention.
She says home’s the place to be
where caregiver Chris can spoil me
with yummy noms, catnip and treats.
My porch and settee are off-limits for the duration.
The catio is my only destination.
But I’ll likely just remain in bed
except for potty breaks and to get fed.
Sharing the catio with my fursibs
would be worse than a day without nip.
So, I’ll be ever so happy when
my humans return from this trip.
Then I can once again take over
as Kitties Blue self-appointed queen,
which, of course, is every girl cat’s dream.
And MY right!

Lily Olivia stows-away for BlogPaws & writes poetry for Thoroughly Poetic Thursday.