I suspect you are asking yourselves: “What happened here? How can this be Doozy of A Snoozy 2? There was no Doozy of A Snoozy 1. Technically, you are correct. That post was titled, I Can Nap Anywhere 1.

I never liked that title and have been mulling over in my mind all week what I could rename this series. I came up with Nap Attack, Happy Nappy, Just-A Siesta, Nap Champ and a number of others I have forgotten.

If any of you have a suggestion, I would be happy to consider it, as I am not totally committed to Doozy of A Snoozy.

Giulietta and Fiona have always acted more liked conjoined twins and not just sisters. They can cram themselves onto or into the smallest spaces and are usually content to share.

G & F Snoozey on Catio

In this photo they are sharing a sunpuddle on a small side table on the catio, proving that they can sleep anywhere. Though, as you can see, I woke Giulietta up when I snapped this photo.

I expect this Doozy of A Snoozy series will normally run on Fridays as it did last week. Tomorrow, however, we will be participating in Show Us Your Paw Day being hosted by Sammy of onespoiledcat and Archie, Henry and Oscar of My Three Moggies. Hope you’ll join us.