Today Kitties Blue have a guest post and infographic from Emily Parker (Catological.com). We thank her for selecting us to share this information with our readers. We think you will find it interesting and informative.

Science-Backed Reasons Why Cats Are Good For Us

As cat lovers know, our kitties do many things to enrich our lives. Cats bring us joy upon entering our homes by providing constant companionship, expressing unconditional love and providing hours of entertainment.

Cat lovers have known for years about the benefits of sharing their lives with cats, but scientists are just discovering the many ways cats benefit humans. Read on to find out more fascinating facts about how science now confirms how good cats are for us.

In today’s world, getting a good night’s sleep can be tough. Scientists have found, however, if you let kitty curl up in your bed, you are twice as likely to feel refreshed and invigorated upon waking.

Having a purring cat near you who loves to be petted will greatly help reduce stress or anxiety. According to researchers, those two things, as well as merely watching your laid-back cat, will help you calm down.

Your kitty also can help alleviate or even eliminate certain medical conditions. In numerous studies, cat owners tend to have lower rates of both high blood pressure and cholesterol. In an even more stunning scientific finding, some individuals, with these conditions, who became cat owners had such drops in blood pressure and cholesterol that their doctors were able to reduce or even totally discontinue medications.

Whether you suffer from stress, high blood pressure or cholesterol or find yourself in a funk, having a cat in your life can change everything for the better.

To learn more about how cats make us significantly happier and healthier, check out the fun infographic below, or see the original article at www.catological.com/22-ways-cats-make-people-happier-healthier/.


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