Giulietta: The Laser Eye Stink-Eye

Giulietta: The Laser-Eye Stink-Eye

It’s still us kitties posting today and we have no intention of remaining wordless even though Wednesdays usually are. Why? We found out this morning from Maggie that the humans are returning today…so let the trashing begin. Here’s our list of things to accomplish along with our individual assignments. Those without a particular task are advised to be as creative as possible.


If any of our furiends can think of anything else, please let us know. And, of course, you are all invited to help. And bring a furiend or two of your own. Yippee…this is going to be fun!


Mauricio: The I'm-Not-Going-to-Look-at-You Stick-Eye

Mauricio: The I’m-Not-Going-to-Look-at-You Stink-Eye

1. Pull curtains down from front window and sewing room window: All of us together


2. Tear up mail and newspapers: Astrid and Calista


3. Shred carpet next to upstair’s food bowl: Fiona


Misty May: The All-Purpose Stink-Eye

Misty May: The All-Purpose Stink-Eye with Frown

4. Pull all the tissues out of the boxes in the up- and downstairs bathrooms and the human’s bedroom: Astrid (This is going to be a pretty big task so we will need some volunteers to help.)

Lily Olivia: The How Dare You Wake Me Up Stink-Eye

Lily Olivia: The How-Dare-You-Wake-Me-Up Stink-Eye


5. Shred all toilet paper: Fiona


6. Push something breakable onto the floor: Lisbeth


7. Vomit as many places as possible and don’t forget the bed: Mauricio and Lisbeth


8. Leave as much slobber and as many nose prints on the windows as possible: All welcome to pawticipate


8. Leave litter-covered paw prints on all hardwood surfaces and countertops: All residents and invited guests


Fiona: The One-Eyed Stink-Eye with Helicopter Ears

Fiona: The One-Eyed Stink-Eye with Helicopter Ears

9. Practice our Stink-Eye: All but Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista. (They aren’t yet jaded enough to have mastered this.)