If you have stumbled onto my blog, I suspect that will be your first question. Obviously it is a catchy title and one that I hope will pique the interest of cat people. In actuality it refers to the three cats, among the 22 Kitties Blue, I will be telling you about, who have taken up residence on my head while I am in bed.

This penchant for closeness started with Thelma and then Lily Olivia took up the position. Now, on most nights, that place is occupied by Misty May.

Misty May has taken her duty of keeping my head warm and well protected from marauding predators much more seriously than the other two ever did. She has spread out to include my neck and face in the safety zone. If she wasn’t luxuriously soft and fastidiously clean, the latter could be a real problem.

Unfortunately, Misty May has allergies. She regularly propels what Dad Tom calls snot rockets to my face. At least she has not purposely tried to smother me when I have done something to displease her.

I’ve heard about cats smothering babies in their cribs, which I originally thought to be an Old Wives’ Tale. Now I accept that as a possible occurrence. With no infants in the house and my trust that Misty May knows where her next meal is coming from, I go to sleep at night confidant that I will reawaken the next morning when Misty May and her cohorts start bellyaching about their need for breakfast.

Updated: November, 2022