Friendly Fill-Ins: Week #154

As we do each Friday, Kitties Blue and I are joining the Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop. The hop is hosted by Ellen from 15 And Meowing and Lorianne from Four-Legged Furballs. Each Thursday, they post four sentences with blanks to be filled in by those of us who participate. On Friday, we post the completed sentences on our blogs. This week Misty May helped me. We both used teal italics for our completions.

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1. I got my first cell phone in the mid-90s. The Kitties dad got it for me. It was big and clunky. I didn’t want it and rarely used it.

2. I wish the word “boo,” as used to refer to one’s significant other or any random person could be removed from the English language.

3. I’ll never outgrow my enjoyment of coloring. Here is a kitty picture from the Happy Color app, which I “colored” on my iPad.


fill-ins - coloring


4. Misty May: Being deaf make(s) me feel old.

Feline Friday

For the Feline Friday blog hop at Comedy Plus, I decided to share a flashback photo from 15 years ago (April 6, 2004). Some of you might be thinking that is Fiona in the foreground, but it is actually our original grey cat, Louise, with Madison giving her a bath. If you don’t know these cats, who passed before the debut of The Cat on My Head, you can read about them on The Felines page.


fill-ins - flashback


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