Where's my pie.


Sorry, Mau! It’s National Pi (π) Day not National Pie Day. That was on January 23. You missed it. And on top of that you filled up on cake yesterday at the Cat Scouts Minion-themed, March Birthday Party.

As a consolation prize, you can share your photo in your Minion costume.

Minion Mau on Pi (Pie) Day


pi dayThat’s much better than filling your tummy with tuna pie, as I am certain you made some of our readers smile. And if you really want pie, you can make your own in your Bake Shop at Cat Scouts. I’m sure all your Scout friends would appreciate that.

Please don’t tell Mau, but I think the possibility exists that his dad and I will have pie, as we too missed the official National Pie Day. I LOVE pie, and we have this great shop close by called Piety.

Whichever you decide to celebrate today, Pi Day or Pie Day, have a good one. And if it’s the latter, please save a piece for me!