As we’ve been catching up with our bloggy friends, we have seen oodles of loot from BlogPaws being unpacked. If you recall, when I had my birthday on the 20th, I was promised my choice of any of the BP swag. Lily’s the queen of luggage, so I sent her to inspect Mom’s suitcase. She found absolutely nothing. Check out the expression on her face. That is not a happy kitty.


Lily investigates Mom's suitcase for BlogPaws loot.


What we didn’t know was that Mom had already removed the few toys she brought home. She’d hidden them in a drawer until I could check them out first. Guess I am appreciative of that.


Calista Jo investigates the BP loot.


Can you believe this is all she brought me? I can’t imagine she expects me to select one thing. All this should be mine.


Calista Jo waps the wand toy.


Mom and I played with the wand toy. She was trying to take photos while we were playing so this is blurry. Sorry. The minute she set it down, Fiona picked up the red fuzzy end and took my wand downstairs. I am certain she’s hidden it by now, and I’ll never see it again.

Then Lily Olivia came along and grabbed the kicker.


Lily Olivia works out on the ModKicker.


The ModKicker was actually made in Phoenix, the site of the BlogPaws Conference. It’s a Hauspanther product (available at shop.hauspanther.com for $6) and has catnip. They must grow some potent nip in Arizona ’cause after a few minutes, Lily crashed hard. When I tried to retrieve it, Lily woke up long enough to kick me in the butt. Totally rude!


 The catnip in that kicker must be really potent.


I guess that’s all there is…at least until next Tuesday when the real loot arrives. Mom says I will be getting a super cool gift that she swears I will love. She claims it is purrfect for a princess. We’ll see!

Okay, don’t get me wrong: I am totally thankful for these cool things, but there are eight of us and only four toys. So…I’ve just got to say one more time to annoy Mom, “Where’s the loot?” MOL…

Purrs and paw-pats, Calista Jo