Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Thursday is always time for Teddy and Angel Sammy’s (Two Spoiled Cats) poetry challenge. Here’s this week’s inspiration photo.


toddler boy.s on balance biles in colorful shirts and helmets competing in a race


As hard as I tried, for the second week in a row, I was unable to add one or more of the Kitties Blue to today’s inspiration photo. I was afraid they might get trampled by all the little feet.

Here’s my poem.

Where Are the Little Girls?

Check out all these little tykes
Speeding around on their balance bikes.
They really want to win the race,
So try to keep a rapid pace.
Their parents loudly cheer them on
But encourage them to just have fun.
And try their best to stay upright
And with their competitors not to fight.
But why are no little girls competing?
Are the boys afraid they’ll take a beating?
Time to make this challenge co-ed
And let all the kids go head to head.
As the fun should be for both girls and guys.
And it’s the best child who takes the prize!

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 08/24/2022

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Thankful Thursday

Thursday is also the day we count our blessings and list the things for which we are thankful.

Stinky is thankful for the wonderful adventure he had on Tuesday with Periwinkle. They visited the Kennedy Space Center and learned about the upcoming launch of Artemis 1. If you missed that post check it out at Friends Furever.

We’re all thankful that the kittens, Audrey and Raleigh, are doing great and growing fast. They have their second vet visit today, and I am anxious to find out how much they weigh. I’ll post a photo or two from that visit on Friday.

We are, as always, extremely thankful for your support, following and friendship.

Brian hosts the Thankful Thursday bog hop. To participate, post on your blog for what you are thankful. Then enter the URL for his blog in your browser (see badge) to hop along.