Caturday Art

On Caturday we always participate in Athena Cat Goddess Wise KItty’s Caturday Art blog hop. This Caturday we also are participating in the Wear Orange for Crockett (Lone Star Cats) blog hop.  If you don’t know, Crockett passed away unexpectedly in an accident at home on Monday.

I’ve combined the two hops making some art using Cooper Murphy—who always wears
orange—as the subject of that art.


Wear Orange for Crockett


To create today’s art, I used the Folk Tiles effect with a warm filter from the Painnt app. I overlaid that with stars from piZap. Cooper Murphy was sitting in a reusable grocery bag on the kitchen island.

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Wear Orange for Crockett









Cat Scouts Wear Orange

Crockett was not a Cat Scout; though, I know he would have made a terrific one. In order to support the Wear Orange Day, Scouts participating in the opening of the Wildcats troop greenhouse party tomorrow will be wearing orange t-shirts. Cooper Murphy and Mau are dressed in heir orange shirts to show their support.

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop Reminder

Astrid will be here tomorrow as your host for Sunday Selfies. We will be honoring and remembering Crockett tomorrow as well. He and his fursibs, Travis and Angelique, are regular participants in the hop. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow when we pay or final respects to special kitty, Crockett.