Sunday Selfies: Week #181

As we told you yesterday, today’s hop is being hosted by a very special guest. This extremely handsome and adoptable man-cat is the cat Kitties Blue currently sponsor at PAWS Connecticut.

This is Taylor. Look at those stunning green eyes and sweet expression. Can’t you just imagine him sitting in your lap, snuggling and purring?


PAWS CT adoptable cat, Taylor


Taylor first appeared as our guest host on December 3. As we told you then, our previously sponsored cat, Charlotte, had been adopted. We selected Taylor as the next kitty we would sponsor for his resemblance to our sweet angel, Fiona. He’s been living at PAWS for most of his life and deserves that happily ever after in a forever home.

Here’s what we told you about Taylor in December. He is a healthy, male, adult cat. Taylor arrived at PAWS on April 10, 2010, as a small kitten. He was shy and frightened by people. Somehow, he got overlooked time after time when individuals came to adopt. Taylor gets along well with other nice cats. He’s curious and interactive with people. With just a little extra TLC he can become your best friend.

Kitties Blue will sponsor Taylor for as long as he remains at PAWS, as we did with Swizzle and Charlotte. But wouldn’t it be nice for him to have a loving home for Valentine’s Day. If you are interested in adopting Taylor or if you know someone who might be, please click here.

We must confess that Taylor had a bit of help with his selfie. Our dear friend Kevin (meowmeowmans) from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life and his wife Tracey are dedicated PAWS volunteers, and Kevin sent us several new photos of Taylor. Here are a few more.


PAWS CT adoptable cat, Taylor


Saying Good-Bye to Mr. Buttons

We are very sad that another friend received his wings and ran off to the Bridge. Mr. Buttons was here with us just last Sunday as he celebrated his 7th Gotcha Day with his brothers and sisters at TomCat Commentary by Tim. If you haven’t already, please stop in and leave your condolences for Dad Pete and all the kitties.



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