Caturday Art

I have two versions of today’s art to share with you. I had a third, but I started having difficulty with my photo editing app.

The subjects of today’s art are Audrey and Kizmet. Kizmet had been bathing Audrey and stopped. Audrey was trying to get her to begin again. As you can see, Kizmet is wearing a “don’t bother me kid” expression.


Framed art of a tabby cat on its back with a paw on a grey cat's chest. The art is in grey and browns with a chiseled effect.


The above was created using the Painnt app. The effect is Chiseling with Original coloring. The frame is a bit overwhelming but the colors went so well with the photo, I just had to use it. It is from favpng.


The same photo of the tabby cat with paw on grey cat's chest but with different colors, entitled, Pyrenees Pines, and framed with an acid green border to match the greens in the art.


This is the Pyrenees Pines effect from Painnt. And the frame is again from favpng.

I only created a puzzle from the Pyrenees Pines option due to all the white space around the Chiseling photo.

preview110pieceCute Cats Art

If you have a favorite, let Audrey, Kismet and me know in the comments.

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

I know none of you need a reminder that tomorrow is selfie day, but someone new just might pop in today and know nothing about our little hop. Amazingly, I already have a host for tomorrow’s hop.  And they have already snapped their selfie.

Both of those things are rare occurrences. I could spill the beans and let you know who it is, but then you might not come to see us tomorrow. So, my lips are sealed. Kitties Blue and I will be waiting right here for you to check in.

Thanks for coming by. Have a great Caturday!