A few days ago I found Astrid in the guest room looking out the window. She had a view of the side yard. This is a view the kitties normally do not have as the guest room is off-limits, unless a guest invites them into the room.

Currently, however, the guest room is disassembled and the door has remained open. A few days ago a new plaster wall and ceiling were installed and repairs made to the remaining walls. It is now waiting to be painted.

It seemed like an opportunity to get a photo or two of Astrid, who is usually less than cooperative. She normally closes her eyes or tilts her head down. To my amazement, she decided to pose for me.


She even gave me a couple of tock shots that I had hoped to use today, but they were too dark. I apologize that the photos in the collage are a little blurry and dark, but I took them with my iPhone. I knew if I went downstairs to get a camera, she would be long gone when I returned.

The photo below is what Astrid did while I put this post together. (She actually was asleep most of the time.) This is pretty much how I spend my day; though, Astrid is not always the cat camped in my lap. However, she is the smallest and lightest one!

Image 9

I apologize that this post somehow was published with the incorrect title and prior to being completed. If you are a subscriber and got two e-mails, your first e-mail has an incomplete post. I am sure it must have been Astrid’s fault.