Lisbeth’s dad says she is a “cow” cat and not a true Tuxie. In this photo, her largely white body is hidden behind the catnip plant we brought home from Williamsburg a couple weeks ago. So I am letting her take center stage again today on Tuxie Tuesday.


I hope a certain Lisbeth-admiring Cat Scout will enjoy seeing her again so soon in this cute photo.

The nip plant has been quite popular with mostly Lisbeth and Giulietta nibbling with abandon quite regularly.

In other news, today is Mauricio’s girlfriend Allie’s (Friends FurEver) birthday. Since it is Tuxie Tuesday, and Mau is a Tuxie, he asked if he could be part of this post to wish her Happy Birthday and share the card he sent to her.


As we all love Allie, I could never refuse this request. All the Kitties Blue and I invite each of you to stop by her blog and offer her your Best Wishes. She truly is a special lady-cat.

See you tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.