Sunday Selfies: Week #463

I was supposed to be here last week with my selfie, but I got supplanted by Sawyer. I wasn’t really disappointed. You know that I am one of the quiet, stay-in-the-background Kitties Blue. It’s probably one of the reasons I didn’t look at the camera for my selfie. I hope you like it anyway.



Mom said she’d make you a puzzle today, as she didn’t yesterday. Here it is.

preview120pieceTuxie Cat with Flowers

Thank You 

Sawyer asked me to tell everyone who left birthday greetings for him yesterday, “thank you.” He promises to share a proper thank you on Thursday and share some photos of his gifts if Mom can corral him.

Hopping Time

I sure hope now that I have shared my selfie with you, you will share one with me, all the other Kitties Blue as well as your many friends. We love seeing all your adorable faces each week, and we know you love showing off just how cute you are.

I know you in the U.S. and your families are celebrating the upcoming holiday this weekend, so if you can’t come by today that’s okay. Stop by anytime through Thursday. We’ll be waiting.

Thanks for joining us. Your friendship means the world to us. Have an easy Sunday.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth