Caturday Art


An art version of Tuxedo (tuxie) Cat, Misty May, in a frame surrounded by butterflies.


To create today’s art I used the Lepidoptera effect from Painnt and tinkered with the transparency. The frame is from the favpng app. The effect should give you a clue as to why I selected this particular frame.

Of course, I have a puzzle for you.

preview120pieceTuxedo Cat & Butterflies

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow is not only our Sunday Selfies blog hop but also National Feral Cat Day. As most of you know, almost all of our cats have been strays or the offspring of stray cats. The one truly feral cat is Sawyer, so he will be your host tomorrow; though, I may have to bribe him with lots of treats.

The badge below shows this year’s Feral Cat Day representatives. They are all good friends of ours, and we are delighted that they have wonderful and loving homes!

Kitties Blue and I hope you will share your selfie with all your friends tomorrow and join our hop. The hop remains open through Thursday.

Thanks for visiting!