Kitties Blue finally have given me permission to share a slideshow featuring a few vacation photos from Tortola, BVI. Tom was the official photographer. I know vacation photos can be boring, but if you take a few moments to watch, you might even see a couple of kitties. Just don’t let my gang know about those photos.

Do not cursor over the photos as this will add dots that obscure the descriptions.


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This is our favorite vacation spot for complete R & R. It truly is paradise. We have only one rule when visiting Tortola: We must be on the balcony for sunset. Every sunset is unique, and we cannot allow ourselves to miss even one.

While watching the sunset we listen to the sound of the waves bathing the shore of Long Bay. Actually we can hear this soothing sound at all times, and it lulls me to sleep each night. This is one of my favorite sounds. I would really miss it at home if I didn’t have my second favorite sound (Calista Jo’s purr) to lull me to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of paradise on earth.