Astrid is our resident bag lady. This isn’t anything new. We have shared her M.O. previously, and she continues to make this behavior part of her adorableness.

She loves all bags…paper, plastic and especially cloth. Once a week when groceries are brought home, she waits expectantly for her opportunity to dive into the first empty bag. She knows it will be placed open on the nearby stool to hold all the other bags as they are emptied. She remains on high alert for her chance to pounce. If we are not fast enough to empty, fold and get another bag inside, she’s immediately burrowing in for a long nap.


Resident Bag Lady Astrid


You can tell by the look on her face that she was a little perturbed when I wouldn’t leave her alone. Though in a different bag on a different day, she appears to be just as miffed at me in the photo below. She did, however, look at the camera so I could record and remember her frowny face.


resident bag lady Astrid


I know that all cats have built-in, empty bag and box radar. But I think Astrid not only finds them to be a cozy place to nap but also a tranquil retreat from her housemates. She does not rank high on the kitty totem pole, which is why she segregates herself by staying downstairs at night and rarely spending time on the Catio. I know she enjoys having the house to herself while the others are outside just as I know she likes secreting herself into this little cocoon of comfort.

I am considering leaving an empty grocery sack on the chair at all times so our resident bag lady can retreat at will for some daily R & R. If I am lucky, I might eventually get a photo of her smiling her thanks.