Sunday Selfies: Week #396

Are you ready for a surprise? Look who is back today to share a selfie.


tortie cat, Astrid's, springtime selfie


Unbelievably, this is Astrid’s second consecutive selfie, and she was here on Thursday as well. Lately, she has been spending lots and lots and lots of time on my lap. She can’t get away from taking a selfie when she does that, especially as she prevents me from doing anything other than petting and talking to her.

As usual she got her face so close to the iPad screen, I had difficulty adding anything to her photo. I had promised yesterday that we’d have a springtime theme for the first day of spring, and I was able to sneak some flowers in the corners of the photo.

It’s Time to Hop

So it’s your turn to share your selfie with us and all your friends. You know you are adorable, and we know you are adorable, so flaunt your cuteness here. If you’d like to do something special for spring, that would be super cool, but, of course, unnecessary.

We look forward to seeing you today, but you can link up anytime between now and Thursday.

Astrid, all the Kitties Blue and I appreciate your support and participation.

Have a great first day of spring.