Sunday Selfies: Week #480

Today, our green-eyed, torbie beauty, Audrey, is here to share her new portrait as her selfie.


A serious looking, green-eyed torbie cat portrait in a peach and green frame adorned with peach flowers, and green and white ribbon.

Audrey looks quite solemn in her selfie, but she is a happy kitty. I guess she thought a formal portrait required a serious expression.

Of course, a selfie can be anything you want it to be…serious, comical, playful, thoughtful, astonished, whatever you please. But please do snap one and join us on our hop. Audrey will be here through Thursday waiting for you, in case you are unable to participate today.

Once you link up, you’ll have the entire day to enjoy a nice and comfy Easy.

Kitties Blue and I appreciate the fact that so many of you have been following and linking up with us for all these years. And, we thank you!