Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

If it is Thursday, either one of the Kitties Blue or I will be writing a poem. This is a fun event started a couple of years ago by our friend, Sammy, at Two Spoiled Cats. We used to write poems based on a letter of the alphabet, but now Sammy and Teddy provide an inspiration photo each week. This is the photo we were given this week.



The Story of Matt the Ant

There once was an ant as big as a cat.
All his ant friends called him Matt.
He was robust and strong as a giant,
So all the ant minions were always compliant.
When he signaled them to move a rock or a twig,
They did it posthaste no matter how big.
You see, they were afraid of his giant size,
As they thought this was exceedingly wise.
They knew he could flatten them quick as could be
And find others like them to take up his plea.
Though Matt was as timid as a lovely ladybug,
His great size made others think he was a thug.
He brought water and snacks all through the day
And even gave them time off to play.
Still they always worried one day they’d be hurt
When his big giant foot smashed them into the dirt,
So they did his bidding with nary a complaint,
Working hard until they felt totally faint.
Matt wanted to reassure them he’d hurt them never
But, though his brain was big, he wasn’t that clever.
He knew the ant minions’ fear was acute,
But poor giant Matt was born totally mute.
Then finally one day an idea came to his brain
Of how to communicate he was totally humane.
He signaled the ants to lay sticks in a certain way,
Knowing they would do it without any delay.
When finished he signaled them all to step back.
Soon the ants were charging Matt as if to attack.
Instead each rushed up for a hug and handshake
After reading the message Matt instructed them to make.
“Dear ant friends, you all are like family to me,
And today I have the pleasure to decree:
I will take over all your jobs and chores,
And you are free to travel the world and explore.
All these menial jobs I find incredibly easy and fun,
And I’m strong enough to do all of them as just one.
After your vacation, should you decide to return,
You will never have a reason for fear or concern.
I will work with and beside you everyday
And which jobs you want to work you’ll have a say.
No matter the differences we have in our size,
We are and always will be equals in my eyes.
Now go on your way and do exactly as you like;
I am your protector and you I will never strike.”
Once the hugs and handshakes were completed
Matt invited everyone to grab a rock and be seated.
He brought them all drinks and a giant repast
And into the night the party did last.
In the morning all the minions set right back to work.
They wanted to show they trusted they wouldn’t be hurt.
And Matt was there working right by their sides
To show them his love and heartfelt pride
In their acceptance of him with no trepidation—
No longer judging him on size rather than reputation.
This story has a moral to which you’ll agree:
To judge someone blindly is a serious misdeed.

© Janet Buickerood Blue 11/14/2018


Admittedly, I got carried away today with my poem. I just couldn’t seem to end it. If you read the entire poem, thank you.

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday is not a blog hop, but you can leave a copy of your poem or a link to it in the Comments at Two Spoiled Cats. To go there, click on the poetry badge. Though now an angel, Sammy continues to write a poem each week and transmit it from the Rainbow Bridge. His poem is always a winner and shouldn’t be missed.


Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is a blog hop hosted by our friend, Brian. Each Thursday we get to share for what we are thankful. This week Dad Tom is thankful for the badge he received from Two Spoiled Cats for being the supplier of the Tuesday Teaser photo.


We are especially thankful that our humans no longer live in California. The wildfires are scary and devastating. One of Mom’s high school classmates lost everything in the Paradise (Camp) fire. We also are thankful that a neighbor was able to save her dog and that she is safe. We are praying for everyone in California, including Mom’s nephew, who is a Captain with CalFire. We hope you’ll join us in our prayers.

We are joining the blog hop over at Brian’s. To participate, click on his badge below.