Meow Variations

All of Kitties Blue have a variety of meows, depending on how insistent they want to be in demanding our attention. Most of the time I know who is complaining even when I’m in a different room. Fiona, Giulietta and Astrid are pretty good at imitating each other, however, and fool me on ocassion.

Feeding time and demands to go outside bring the loudest and most persistent meowing or “meyowling” as I like to call it.

Barking Out Demands

Barking calico cat keeping an eye on fresh catnip and two kitten underlings (a tuxie and a tortie) thinking of challenging her.

A potential barking incident in the making as Angel kittens, Astrid and Lisbeth, consider challenging Lily for the catnip.


Lily Olivia, however, possesses a unique ability to let us know when she has lost patience with our lolly-gagging and wants her demand met NOW! She barks! We don’t know where she learned this trick, but it is effective. I jump when I hear this. It is her final warning prior to a complete meltdown with growling, hissing, biting and scratching. The human body part attacked depends on if she is at the door demanding to go outside, on the kitchen counter waiting for breakfast or dinner or ticked off at a human or feline for trying to usurp her nice warm spot in bed. If another kitty is hovering, she will be the recipient of Lily Olivia’s wrath.

Dog-Like Mauricio

Tuxie cat posing for the camera.

Mauricio began posing when still a kitten.

Lily, however, is not the only kitty with dog-like qualities. Though he cannot bark, Mauricio does possess other dog mannerisms (his signature talent is playing fetch) according to Mary Jane, his best human friend and mommy to a Jack Russell Terrier. Now Mary Jane has been my friend for more than 25 years (now 36 years in 2023), but when she comes to visit, I am forced to compete with Mauricio for her attention.  He comes running the minute he sees her. Though, he does not greet her with his tongue hanging out or his tail wagging, he bugs her the entire time she is here. He’s nudging with his head to get petted, rolling around and exposing his tummy for rubbing and generally making a nuisance of himself.

Tuxie cat lying on his back showing his belly with dilute tortoise shell kitten looking on.

Mauricio shamelessly begs for my attention. Kitten, Calista Jo, comes to my rescue.

Mauricio is an overly friendly guy who loves to show off, beg unceasingly for attention and pose for photos. His fondness for Mary Jane, however, goes well beyond the childlike “look-at-me” demand. She is just as devoted to him. If he is engaged outside in cat activities, he will sometimes miss Mary Jane’s visit, which is always a disappointment to her. A couple of days ago when she dropped me off after having lunch together, he came trotting across the neighbor’s yard just in time for her to see him before she drove off. Such an accommodating guy!

Acting Like Cats

All the other kitties, besides some of the head-under-the-hand nudging activity, act like cats…indifferent at times, pesky and demanding at others or asleep for the better part of each day and night.