Sunday Selfies: Week #458

No…it is not the end of Sunday Selfies! But yesterday marked the end of Cat Scouts after ten years of adventures, fun and learning. Mau was one of the early members, and when Cooper Murphy joined our family, he too became a Cat Scout. Cooper and I will miss the fun and camaraderie, but it was time to say farewell. At this point, there are more angel Scouts than active ones.

Preparing for the end the past few weeks has had Mau in my mind constantly. He was a great Cat Scout and a wonderful member of our cat family. I miss him every single day. With him uppermost in my mind, I am sharing one of my very favorite photos of him for today’s selfie. I shared it in the past for a Spark, so some of you may remember it.

So without any additional preamble, her’s Mau!


A tuxedo cat wearing sunglasses and trying to push them off his face with his paw.


I do hope you have enjoyed this look back at our handsome boy. He was a character!

Hopping Time

Now it’s your turn to join us and show off your selfie to your friends as well as Kitties Blue. We don’t even mind if you repurpose a selfie like we did today. We just want to see your adorable faces.

Kitties Blue and I are aware this is a holiday weekend, so if you are too busy to participate today, don’t worry about it. The hop always remains open through Thursday.

Even if you don’t join our hop, we’d like to that you for following and supporting us.

Have an easy Sunday.