Sunday Selfies: Week #325

Do I look like a contented cat?

My absolutely favorite things are head, neck and chin scritches. I like them even better than treats! My mom gave me a good session, and I decided to snap my selfie while indulging in this glorious, scritchy goodness. Sorry for the less than purrfect photo quality. The lighting was not good.

I convinced Mom to add a spiffy fall border for me.


contented cat

Hopping Time

I have showed you my selfie, so it’s now time for you to share. My fursibs and I, as well as all your friends, cannot wait to see your adorableness. You don’t need to be a kitty to join us. All anipals are welcome regardless of species. Nor is it necessary to post today. The hop is open through Thursday.

On behalf of all the Kitties Blue, I thank you for your participation and support. Your friendship is extremely important to all of us.

Now, go forth and have a terrific day!

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy